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Michael + Alex // Springfield Missouri Wedding Photographers

Michael and Alex got married in Springfield a few weeks back and it was seriously an awesome day. Though the weather was a little on the unfavorable and gloomy side, that did nothing to shake the couple. We spent the morning and early afternoon getting ready at the Double Tree and followed that up with a sweet first look at Drury’s Stone Chapel, which also served as the ceremony site. After bouncing around downtown for some portraits and back to Drury’s campus, it was time for the ceremony. The Stone Chapel is a really beautiful piece of architecture and was the perfect place for Michael and Alex to say I do.

After the ceremony wrapped, we all made our way back to downtown Springfield for the reception, which was held at the Veredian, a very cool, modern venue right off Springfield’s square.

When we say we had an amazing day with all of these wonderful people, that is an understatement. Alex is unimaginably gorgeous and is an absolute sweetheart through and through. And Michael? Just an awesome guy. I really hate to say that someone “has game”, but, oh man, does this guy ever have it. He is definitely one classy and smooth dude. And when these two hit the dance floor together? Magic? Sparks? They were explosive and it was awesome!

We can’t thank the two enough for letting us be a part of their big day. Their families, the wedding party, all of them, great people.

Congrats to Michael and Alex! We wish you guys the best.

Take care and talk soon!

-Aaron & Whit

Leila Shocklely - Nice pictures.

Grant + Jessi // Southwest Missouri Wedding

How do you come up with the right words for two people like Grant and Jessi? It’s so hard! These two are so, so wonderful that trying to sum them, or their wedding day up in a single blog post, well, it’s impossible.

From the first time we met Grant and Jessi, it was evident that they were two very special people. We hit it off right from the beginning. We’ve been blessed with amazing couples all the way around. That said, we’ve never met a groom quite like Grant. He is a model human being in so many ways. The interest this guy takes in other people is so real and so refreshing. I am convinced that his heart is actually made of gold. And, Jessi? Where do we even begin with this gorgeous young woman? An infectious smile, a beautiful heart, man, we could go on for days about how much we think of these two. And, like I said, trying to do them or their day justice in words is actually quite the difficult task because there are so many awesome things to say about them.

Oh, and their wedding party? OH MY GOD, BECKY…. For real, talk about an insanely fun bunch. From Jessi’s gorgeous bridesmaids to Grant’s rad groomsmen, including his two hilarious brothers, these people made our day in more ways than one. It goes without saying that this wedding is one that will always stick out to us.

People like Jessi and Grant are why we do what we do and we cannot thank them enough for letting us be a part of this unforgettable day.

Congrats you two! We wish you guys the best in life and we know that you will have all of your dreams come true.

Take care and talk soon!

-Aaron & Whit

Stu + Makala Married // Beautiful Missouri Wedding

There are no words for Makala and Stu’s wedding day. It was such an awesome time. From start to finish, this day had it all. Great people, great locations, and great times. The ceremony was held at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Pittsburg, Kansas while the reception was held at Makala’s parent’s home just outside of Joplin. It’s seriously impossible to grasp the magnitude that is their home and land. From covered bridges, to a Swiss Family Robinson style treehouse, horses, and ponds, this place is just unreal. We cannot thank Makala, Stu, their wedding party and their families enough for showing us such an unforgettable time. To say we had a blast with these people would be the grossest of understatements. This day simply ruled. That’s all we can say!

Be sure to tell Stu and Makala congrats in the comments section below!

Take care and talk soon,

-Aaron & Whit

Tifini Tullis Wartick - The best time ever! ❤️ you kala bug & stu meat!!!

Christy Rhuems-Kotzman - One of the most beautiful brides I’ve ever done! Such a great day!

Lisa Wright Wolfe - Mak, you are a beautiful bride! Your smile shows your happiness! Sorry I has to miss itmommachig

Karen Towner - Beautiful day! Great time! Wonderful memories!

Jack Chauvel - Awesome wedding and photos guys, love those photos right at the end of the day :)