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A Step Towards Custom Packaging (A Mild How-To Of Sorts)

Hello everyone! This a first for us in a couple of respects. First, we are finally taking the steps towards creating our own custom rustic packaging when sending off discs and/or prints to our wedding clients. Second, this will somewhat act as a how-to for those who may be interested in doing the same. The photos you will see below represent our first prototype, if you will, of our packaging. However, we ended up being so happy with the result, that we decided to use it for Molly and Tim’s discs. They will end up with a one-of-a-kind case from us and we think that’s pretty cool. Really, though, all future clients will have something that is essentially one of a kind because each box will have subtle variations.

The box we are showing you is different in that it has stenciled letters painted on it. Our future boxes will not have that, nor will they include a date. We just received our official identity (logo) that was designed by my old pal, Jeff Breshears of Fly By Night Visuals. This guy is amazing and we go way back. I wouldn’t ask anyone else to design for us. He’s brilliant! Check out his work HERE and hire him! Sorry, got off track! But, yes, our logo has been created and we will be unveiling it here in the next few days. We are going to be sending it off to have a custom ink-stamp, embosser, and branding iron made. We will be branding the top of each box with that logo in the future! We are really excited about it, too!

Now, back to the boxes – We like to go the extra mile for our clients, so that’s why we are implementing these special little things. Of course, you can always pay to have these made by outsourcing the work, but unless you’re shooting 50+ weddings a year, that’s just not necessary. Plus, we feel doing the work ourselves falls into the idea that this business and everything that comes with it truly is a labor of love for us. It makes it personal and intimate. We like both of those things!

Alright, alright, alright… Enough of the back story – here’s how you can make one yourself! Also, to make this one box, I spent about $18.00. However, the supplies that go into the box will allow me to make around three or four separate cases. The box itself was only $3.99 from Hobby Lobby. Way cheaper than even a cardboard fold-up box from a company that actually specializes in this stuff.

The supplies you will need: Card stock, tissue paper, twine, glue, a small box, stencil set, scissors (not pictured), heat gun or torch (not pictured), small paint brush, stain (optional), and if you’re like me, a nice glass of cabernet (also optional). It will help to view the photos below as you read through the instructions to see what I am referring to!

1. You begin with the card stock for your disc sleeve. I used 8×11, but that was only because I couldn’t find 5×10. Fold the card stock in half  on the short side and crease it. Unfold it, then loosely fold one end together on the long side and hold it with your fingers to cut out a small half circle. You are folding it before cutting, so it cuts evenly and will be symmetrical. Doing this allows the client to see the goodies within! After that, fold it back on the original crease line and then fold your sides in on the back side (away from your half circle). I put a blank disc in mine, so I would know where to fold the excess card stock back for gluing. After folding back the ends, use a quick drying glue and glue those lips down. They will need to set for about 20 minutes. After that, your sleeve for your discs will be good to go!

2. Take the tissue paper and cut it into squares. Place your disc in the center of the square and wrap the paper around it. After doing so, place your disc in your custom made sleeve!

3. Take your twine, if you wish to use twine, and tie a nice bow around the sleeve. This will give it all a little more character! Don’t forget to slide a business card under that bow if you don’t have a stamp or an embosser!

4. Take your box, your stencil, and your stain and head to the garage. Tape your stencil down to your box with scotch tape to hold it in place and reduce bleeding when you paint over it. Simply take your stain and a very small brush and lightly stroke over the stencil. Let sit for about 10 minutes and then you can remove your stencil. After that, I simply took my torch and burnt around the edges of the box to make it seem old, worn, and somewhat rustic.

5. Lay a small sheet of tissue paper in the bottom of your box. Take your disc-filled sleeves and lay them neatly on top of the tissue paper. Add a sweet personalized thank you note on top of the disc sleeves and lay one more piece of tissue paper over that. Take the lid to your box and slide it into place.

6. Finish glass of cabernet and that’s it! You’re done! With a little time, effort, creativity, and wine, below is what you will have!

Like I said, our boxes will definitely be different from this, but for those who don’t want to purchase stamps, branding irons, or embossers, a small amount of money and craftiness will go a LONG way! We hope you enjoyed this little how-to of sorts. It was a first for me and I hope it all came out clearly and concisely!

Thank you all for viewing and good luck with your crafting should you decide to give this a whirl! Enjoy the photos and we will be talking to you all real soon!





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