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David & Lauren Engaged // Joplin Missouri Engagement Session

Good afternoon! We got together with David and Lauren this past Friday to do their engagements here in town. All we can say is these two are so awesome. They are so much fun to hang out with and they are just simply amazing together. In fact, we loved what we got so much that we couldn’t wait to get the shots edited for the blog post.

Shooting their wedding is going to be a blast and we can’t wait!

Take care and talk soon!

-Aaron & Whit

Laura Babb - A beautiful session. Fab work.

Belinda N Tony - These are absolutely gorgeous! The locations, the couple, the colors… The love!

Sarah Lang - Wow, these are gorgeous! Such warmth.

Elisha Clarke - These are so lovely. Love the colours!

Heline Bekker - WOW! Gorgeous photos!

Kathryn - Love these photos. Gorgeous light. Nice shot through the pink blossom.

Beneva Jones - Tears

Beneva Jones - Ah Lauren I have years coming down my face! I’m so Happy for you My Niece Love you and David

Amanda Marie Schwinghammer - Gorgeous light!

Matthew Hogan - Dude… So great.

Paul Stott - Awesomeness! love the shot under the bridge x

michelle - oh wow – gorgeous images.. the light!! amazing!

Kris Hartley - These are SO great!

Jean-Laurent Gaudy - Love it bro!

Nan Nada - Awesome just awesome!

Lauren Chesner - We are so in love with these photographs!! You guys are wonderful!!

Tristan + Kaley Married // Joplin Missouri Wedding

Good morning! Well, it’s official, the first wedding of 2014 is in the bag! Man, we had so much fun with Tristan and Kaley. Their families and wedding party were spectacular, too!

I could talk at great length about how special this day was, but I will spare y’all and let you get to the photos. What I will say is this: During Tristan and Kaley’s ceremony, Tristan got down and delivered both vows and a ring to Kaley’s daughter who is now his stepdaughter. It was his pledge to her, assuring that he will be the absolute best stepfather/father-figure that he can be. It was insanely beautiful. We’ve never witnessed that and it was amazing. Seriously, not a dry eye in the place after that.

Here’s to Tristan and Kaley, two unbelievably amazing people.

Until next time!

-Aaron & Whit

Michael & Alex Engaged // Beautiful Missouri Sunrise Session

Good morning! We are excited to share Michael and Alex’s sunrise engagement session with y’all today. We had so much fun with these two. No, really, it was a blast. Getting up at 6:15am for a shoot can be rough, but man, once things get rolling, it’s so worth it, especially considering the epic sunrise we were given. Not to mention, when you’re hanging out with a couple as awesome as these two, you suddenly forget that you’re running off of only three to four hours of sleep after shooting a wedding for 11 hours the day before.

Michael and Alex traveled up from the Dallas/Fort Worth area for this session. Since they are getting married in Springfield, MO, they have been making the trip north fairly often. They are genuinely incredible people, and Michael is outright hilarious. There wasn’t a dull moment to be had on Sunday morning with him around. We really cannot wait to shoot their wedding because we know after this session that it’s going to be a total blast.

OK, well, I am going to hush up and let y’all get to the photos. Congrats to Michael and Alex on their engagement!

Until next time, take care!

Aaron & Whit